Life Origin

A Scientific Approach

Edited for the Non-Scientist

Select a Question Below to Get Started: 

1) How did life get organized out of disorganized matter?

2) Can anything be organized without making purposeful choices?

3) What's the difference between "self-ordering" and "self-organizing"

4) Is "self-organization" even possible?

5) Could life exist without steering controls (as opposed to indifferent constraints)?

6) How did steering controls arise in nature?

7) How did life’s on-off "configurable switches" come into existence?  

8) How did life’s thousands of on-off switches get “set” so cooperatively and productively?

9) How did life get programmed with such sophisticated instructions?

10) How did life’s initial programming get read, interpreted and processed? 

11) How did the first "central processing unit" come into existence needed to read a program, follow the instructions, successfully compute, and actually initiate the chemical reactions needed by the cell?

12) Genetics uses symbolism to prescribe biofunction. How did symbolism arise in non-living nature?